Mind the gap


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United-Kingdom-flag-iconWhile in London, be sure to visit the most attractive museum in the city, Madame Tussauds where you’ll come face-to-face with some of the world’s most famous faces. In museum you’ll meet influential figures from showbiz, sport, politics and even Royalty. Dance with Michael Jackson, kiss Brad Pitt or receive a once-in-a-lifetime audience with Her Majesty the Queen. Entrance fee is 30 GBP, but is worth it.



Along with Paris and New York, London offers probably the best shopping experience of any city in the world. From Picadilly Circus you can easily reach the most known shopping streets in London: Regent Street, New Bond Street and 5 km long and the most known Oxford Street. I must say that my shopping in London was successfully completed! In spite of the lack of time, my friend and I have managed to find everything we were looking for. At the end our suitcases were a few pounds heavier and we returned home with unexpected Victoria Secret’s gifts. 😉



Perfect way to end a day in the Capital is to take a walk through Soho and around Covent Garden, which is associated with the former fruit and vegetable market in the central square. Now, it is a popular shopping and tourist sitewhere where you can enjoy in one of a lot open-air cafés, restaurants and pubs. Or you can also enjoy some unforgettable, world-class entertainment in one of many theaters in Covent Garden, which is also pretty much synonymous London theatre. Prices for musicals range from 25 GBP for the worst seats and less known musicals to a dizzying 60-70 GBP for popular ones.



London is a city that never sleeps. Nights in London are truly spectacular, especially now with magic of London’s Christmas lights and decorations.






Mind the gap! Anyone who has ever travelled on the London Underground will recognise the ‘Mind the Gap’ announce.  The phrase was introduced in the 1969 on the London Undergorund as a warning to train passengers to take caution while crossing the gap between the train door and the station platform. The phrase has become synonomous with the London Underground.




Thanks to low cost airlines, nowadays you can easily travel to London for cheap. However, London is one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

For Day Travel Card you have to pay 7 or 8 GBP (depending on the area where you are located). Tickets for museums and attractions ranges from about 10 GPB onwards.  Even the cheapest pint of beer in London costs more than 3 GBP. Eating in London is another pull on your money but it doesn’t have to always be expensive. There are ways to eat in London for less than a fiver (5 GBP), but only in fast food restaurants. If you decide to take an open top bus tour around the city, you will pay 25 GBP. Once you bought the ticket, make sure to take a look on which attractions and museums you get a discount. Also, if you decide what you want to visit in advance, tickets can be purchased online even before going to London.




When you decide to visit London do not forget to look right while crossing the street and Mind the Gap!



P.S. Keep calm and carry on!


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